About This Site

This site is currently mostly focused on the experiences and thoughts I have when creating and producing different styles of music. I will be trying to touch on as many different aspects as possible, both technical, and non-technical. Anything that affects the work, basically. And, I hope to write about a few things which are not commonly discussed, as well as add something new to already exhausted areas such as music theory, sound engineering and instrumental technique.

How to Navigate

This is a blog, but since the posts will come in a specific sequence and adhere to specific subjects I’ve created a menu system where you can find each post. So, all posts should be found from the menu, but also from using the side pane where you can find the links to categories and the archive of dates. If you want to read things in sequence, I recommend using the menu.

Free Software

The subject of free software may also come up, as that is something I’ve been devoted to for quite some time now (I’ve been using Linux exclusively since 2008). Since I only use free software tools, I will only be showing examples involving free software.